Boxers need to have a vet as their friend. Because of their life style they will on occassion need to visit the vet and a vet with an affinity to Boxers is a big benefit.

As puppies they will need some injections to prevent dog related deseases which can then be renewed on a yearly basis.

Whilst talking about veterinarians in the UK there is a general belief that docking dogs tails is in the main a unecessary action and is only permitted under license for specific working dogs. In the USA docking boxer tails and snipping ears appear to be an acceptable practice. I can seen no reason on asthetic grounds to do either. A Boxer dog was a hunter and need to be sleek and fast with a streamlined body and a powerful body. The ability to spring at wild boar and bring them down required a tail to get the initial balance when springing up at the boar. Our Boxer has his tail and it is by far the best indication of his general health and wellbeing. If it's up and held like a scopions sting then he is happy and healthy. Also it's his "wagometer" which indicates to us his wellbeing. Being greeted by a boxer with a tail on your return is to experience unconditional love and devotion.

Click Here to read one vets views on tail docking and on general care and advice on buying a puppy whatever the breed. We are fortunate to have a very good vet who is not only fair with his fees but gives you an honest opinion on your dogs state of health

If you have a vet then seek their advice on the best insurance for your Boxer. Don't scrimp on the insuranace you get as in the long run you will have the benefit and security of knowing that you are covered should the need arise.

I can give you a very recent example of where our Boxer became very unwell rapidly. First the tail was down and he was very lathargic. The vet at the practice was able to quickly start to get him sorted and within a short period of time able to get to the root cause. A cancerous growth in one of his testicles had become infected. An operation to castrate him was undertaken and within 2 days he was back to normal. After a week of aftercare the vet is happy with his recovery and at ten years old that is good news for us all. As you can imagine this course of action required a lot of the vet's time. We have insurance and it paid for it all, which in the present world financial crisis was a bonus.

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