I have taken Exercise as a seperate subject althougth much of what is under Training is relevant to here. Boxers require exercise to keep them in both good mental and physical health.
However, because of their short coats and short mussels they are not able to regulate their temperature as well as other dogs. Therefore in winter either put a dog coat on them or take them out when the sun is out. In the Summer they should be kept in the shade and cool during the heat of the day.
They are best exercised early in the morning or late evening when the sun is less fierce.

Opinions differ on the choice of lead or harness. Our experience is that when in the early stages of training a lead attached to a neck collar helps with getting the dog to understand simple commands.
Although it is important to exercise your Boxer when it is young don't overdo things as damage to joints can result. We found it best to train our Boxer the basic commands in the backyard before taking him out. One of the primary roles of exercise it to socialise your Boxer. They need to be aware of other dogs and humans without being either shy or over boisterous in their encounters.

Boxer dogs

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