All you need to know to keep your boxer healthy

Boxer Dogs

Require firm but fair handling they are very responsive and eager to please. But remember if they become bored that will make their own entertainment which will include chewing carpets, chair legs and anything else they fancy. Never loose your temper or shout at your puppy or dog for that matter.Because you will start to create associations which your puppy will learn and associate with pain or unpleasentness etc.Your puppy is very much like a child and is still exploring their world and surroundings. Shouting or getting angry does not help them and will not help you either

Boxers are intellegent and require firm handling from an early age. They will respond by being well behaved and can be taught to do tricks. They do however need to be exercised daily and are not a suitable breed for professional people who are away from home most of the day.

They do make good family pets and will tolerate young children very well and will be a very good addition to a family providing they are part of the family.Boxers are playful dogs and can be boisterous and should therefore not be exercised or played with immeditaely after they have eaten as they can twist their gut which can be fatal if not diagnosed and treated by a vet.

Boxer dogs are best feed twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the late afternoon. They should be allowed to digest their food before any form of excercise. When young they should not be over exercised to ensure that growing bones and joints are not damaged.

Boxer dogs

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