Boxer Puppies

Before you consider buying a Boxer Puppy ask yourself these Questions:
  1. Have I researched about Boxer Dogs and not just looked at all those Boxer Dog pictures?
  2. Why do I want a Boxer dog. Is it as a family pet, guard dog, fashion statement?
  3. Have I understood what it means to take on a Boxer Dog and all the responsibilities that entails?
  4. Do I have enough time to exercise a Boxer and the patience to train one?
  5. Do I understand ALL the cost implications of getting a Boxer, food,vet bills etc?
  6. Will I be able to get back home or organise for someone to visit if my Boxer is to be left for more than 4 hours?
  7. Do I understand that a Boxer is for life and thinks it's human and needs to be part of the family?

I am not trying to put you off having a Boxer Dog, but helping you to make an informed decision based on an understanding of what's involved.
The best book I know on the subject of buying a puppy is called "Puppy Power". This book is written by a vet and dog owner and is full of tips and advice like:
  • Buying a puppy that is healthy
  • The importance of training your puppy
  • Choosing a puppy to suit both your lifestyle and financial situation
Boxer dogs

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