Boxers need vey little grooming as they will keep themselves clean. However, it is best to brush them with a rubber ribbed mitten at least once a week. When they are pups grooming them also help them to get used to being touched and handled. Your vet will thank you, trust me on this one.
Aside from removing loose hair which can be done with your hand most Boxers like the physical contact. and it enable you an opportunity to check for ticks, flees and any humps and bumps on their skin.
We have never washed our Boxer as he is frightened of water, due to an experience before we had him. His coat is always bright and his skin is clean so we have not forced the issue with him. It is odd that he does not even like the sea. He only goes in so far and then no further, but he does enjoy retrieving seaweed and other flotsum.
If you do bath your Boxer most agree that it only needs to be on an occassional basis, unless you are showing them when they will require more grooming to be in peak condition for the judges.

Do not use you favourite hair shampoo

As it is for your human hair not a dogs, also it will lather more than is required and need more rinsing which as a Boxer has short hair may result in them getting a chill.
Our Boxer is not feed a commercial dog food only food we prepare and we have found that his coat is always shiny and his skin clear. At 9 years old he is still fit and loves to be groomed with his mitten.

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